The Greenhouse

Accelerating growth of ideas, like plants in a greenhouse.

The Cube

The Cube is a highly digitalized and modular room that enhances your team’s ability to craft new ideas. It finds and connects you to the exact people you need for turning your ideas into products.


Many founders describe „focus“ as the core principle of success. This led us to a philosophy of fully engulfing the user in the cosmos of his project. All windows serve as a display, where everything from roadmaps, contacts to relevant news articles are being autonomously selected and shown. You dive into the world behind your idea and get surrounded by everything that helps inspire you.


Every piece of glass can be used as everything from a whiteboard, to a fully automated inspiration board. You can video connect to different Cube's, search for relevant scientific papers, do an automated contact search with a manufacturer and respond to an mail all at the same time, all on different windows. Save your profile and load it next time you and your team enter a Cube.


The Cube can be transported everywhere and fits on uneven terrain. You can put lots of them in an Innovation Park, create a cluster on a university campus or use it as designated rooms indoors for a CoWorking Space or in your office.

The Portal

How can we turn ideas into real ventures?

We propose a platform where we connect the three main groups of actors every Start-Up needs, to eliminate all obstacles in the process of converting a concept into a product. This democratizes the company founding process. When social contacts and access to manufacturing stops being a requirement, the quality of your idea becomes the only limit.

What are the core actors of founding a Start Up?










How can we connect and help these actors?


There is little doubt that being in the right place at the right time often overrules the quality of your idea when it comes to creating products, that change the world. If thousands of life-altering ideas go to waste every day, because it’s the intellectual owner is located somewhere, somewhen without the right partner, the world misses out on hundreds of solutions every year. By automatically connecting idea crafters with the partners needed, we give people the opportunity to turn their concepts into products, regardless of their academic or social background. Engineers, Manufacturers or Investors stop being distant agents you have no access to.


By registering for the CubeCon Portal, you can present yourself as a freelancer or a manufacturer and get automatically paired with people working in the Cubes, who need your expertise. It’s a chance for you to offer your skills as a Software Engineer, a Project or Finance Management, Lawyer, etc. We also strive to connect manufacturers in rising markets like China with western Start-Ups in the making. The system automatically analyzes your skills and matches them with the most fitting projects created in the Cubes.


Whether you have millions or hundreds of Dollars to spare – CubeCon will match you with Start-Ups in the making. No insider knowledge needed. Wherever you are in the world if you register at the portal you can browse all public projects created in the cube and participate in any project by buying stocks. If you are a high profile investor, the system matches you to promising teams and concepts, based on your investing history.

The Portal and the Cube analyze the concepts you are building and automatically recommend you the most fitting business partners. Freelancers and Manufacturers can register themselves on the platform to offer their services for projects where they're needed. Founders, Investors or Free Agents get automatically matched.





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