My name is Titus Ebbecke

What I do

I'm a german HCI designer currently living in Berkeley, California. I'm a Master of Design student at UC Berkeley and a researcher at the Helmholtz Institute for RNA-based Infection Research where I'm developing software to accelerate the discovery and exploration of RNA's in viruses and bacteria. Before that, I completed my bachelor degree in Design at the University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt. Besides HCI, I’m also interested in machine-machine-interaction with autonomous systems. Previous works range from tangible interfaces that make satellite data accessible, to fully autonomous industrial robots enabled by machine learning. Some of these projects were awarded and nominated by the A'Design Award, European Design Award, ADC Junior Competition, or the London International Creative Competition. During my time at Volkswagen I created high-fidelity prototypes to elevate the relationship between automobiles and people. Throughout my partnership with KUKA Robotics I designed a link between robotics, machine learning, and art.

During my teenage years I traveled across Europe to photograph rare animals. My favorite hack was constructing the EU flag and several artifacts on the (perhaps) greatest piece of collective internet art: reddit's r/place. When I do less serious stuff, I teach industrial robots how to fight with swords, trade with funny cryptocurrencies, and shoot strange student movies.